How to beat summer

It’s starting of April, and we already feel so exhausted because of the soaring heat. In such warm months, we tend to sit under a fan or put on the AC. But these are not the only ways to keep yourself cool. The changes in the weather bring about a lot of opportunities to change the look and personality of your room. Today’s blog will help
you explore these opportunities while also helping you cool your home.

Cool yourself before you cool your house.

Before you make efforts to changing your home decor to beat the sun, it is important that you cool yourself first. Don’t go for temporary cooling methods, try to calm your body temperature first by sipping organic homemade ice drinks or applying a cold cloth to your strong pulsed area. It will also be helpful if you focus on what you wear,
hence smartly select the right fabric.

Summer-proof your windows

Treating your windows is essential as maximum heat is generated through them. Hence, window treatment plays a vital role in summer for energy efficiency. It is important to choose the right kind of curtain, so they mitigate the intense sun rays, helping reduce heat transfer. Add blackout curtain behind your main curtain as they will help keep your room dark and restrict direct heat from entering your room. The furniture in your home can be protected from the heat by the use of drapery, which will also bring down your AC consumption. Alternatively, bamboo blinds on windows are another way to beat out the heat.

Replace your incandescent bulb

Incandescent light creates heat in your house, as they require high amounts of energy. On average, these lights take up as much as five times more energy than LEDs. In addition, LEDs are more environmentally friendly as they do not contain mercury or any toxic material and are long-lasting. So switching to LED will benefit you in regards to keeping you fresh, saving you on your electrical bill and make a small contribution in preserving the environment.

Change your sheets

Many of us don’t change our bedding each season, but to prevent tossing and turning in the summer heat it is best to consider doing so. Changing your sheets will freshen up your room and your bed. Cotton and linen is a smart move as it breaths more comfortably and stays cool. While considering the fabric, it is equally important to choose light colours of the bed sheets. Light colour sheets reflect rather than absorb the light that comes through your window in the daytime.

Beat the heat with soothing colours

Colours in every aspect play a significant role. The best colour for summers are the ones that are fresh and light. Avoid using darker bright colours and instead go for light, soothing, soft hues. It’s not practically possible to change your wall colours according to seasons but its possible to bring in those pestle shades on your upholstery, curtains or for a bed covering. This soft accent are some of the quickest and easiest to switch out during the season.

Cover your terrace

If you have a terrace, cover it with plants. Growing a terrace garden requires time and patience, but once it is in place, the hot summer months become bearable and beautify your home. The mud used in pots help absorb heat and keeps the house cool. Moreover, you could give a white lime wash to the terrace so it can reflect the sun’s rays.

Frame your window green

Another considerable way of adding some plants in front of your windows their importance is not only bonded to only aesthetic. They absorb the heat and harsh light coming in the house and help humidify the dry air circulating inside and give a pleasant breeze. Moreover, bright colours make your window attractive.