Penthouse in Thane

DateNovember 2017

Elegance is born with simplicity. Located in the plush area in Thane ,the intend of this house design is to bring in the beautiful view and make the house look serene and peaceful. To bring in that serenity in the house the colour scheme has been chosen to be soothing, subtle and in pastel shades.

This house consist of Living, dining, theatre , pooja room with open concept kitchen along with three bedrooms. All bedrooms in this house are designed according to the individual personality of the occupants yet the overall harmony of design is intact.

It is universal fact that proper lighting is the key towards positive feelings. Therefore it has been ensured that there is ample amount of natural light coming in during day time and it is complemented with other source of lights to make the ambiance look elegant, cozy and relaxing all the time.